The Story about Mio and Sandra who desperately wants a child. They try insemination and succeed but soon after the birth of a son, Liam, he dies. Mios and Sandras relationship suffers and as a solution to forget the past they decide to adopt a boy. After some time of happiness together with their adopted kid Simon Mio starts to sense something around her, something terrifying and odd. She believes it´s the spirit of Liam that watches her in the dark. Watching her with envy. Mio gets in contact with an old friend, Thomas, who works as a psychiatrist and in the shadows of a fragile relationship they try to find a solution. Does Mio really see the dead or is she going insane from stress and pressure.

We will film a pilot during 2013 written & directed by Markus Bohman and produced by Viktor Kåhl and Kristoffer Hagelberg. If you are interested in knowing more about this psychological horror project, let us know.